LARUICCI Debuts a Glamorous New Androgynous approach for Fall/Winter 2015

For Immediate Release: Friday September 18 (New York, NY) – Glam rock, androgyny and mysticism are the inspiration for New York based accessories brand Laruicci’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The collection is based on an impressionistic midnight rock concert of Mick Jagger and David Bowie playing the ultimate cosmic rock show in a moonlit desert garden.


This season is all about layering the pieces on boys or girls to create the “Laruicci Look” with your personal style as the star of the show. Laruicci’s FW15 collection features mixed colors of metals featuring luxurious pairings of rose gold, blue, 18k, silver, gunmetal, and 18k brass as well as the introduction of mystical crystals and stone amulets that hold spiritual significance and promote otherworldly connectivity.


The collection acknowledges the beauty and energy in nature, and inside each of us, in a glamorous and shimmering nightlife way. Exploring the motifs of jagged crystal, spirals, leaves, branches, flowers, vines and stones in a dazzling opulent way. Holding close the idea that individuality and uniqueness is the key to life, and we had it ins ide us all along.


This season Laruicci upgraded the iconic silhouette of the Laruicci “Power Earrings” in silver and pearl to capture the intergalactic feel of David Bowie’s Star-man Persona and the other worldly monolithic rock icons that inspire this collection. The brand also created small septum cuffs that take the place of nose rings. Laruicci also explores color and texture against the skin in using Italian Leather hand selected by the designer from Florence made into strappy body pieces with heavy metal hoops and over the top adornment in metallic, crystal and iridescent.

September 18, 2015 — Lauren Ruicci

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