Established in the bustling heart of 2009’s fashion universe, LARUICCI swiftly claimed its throne in the accessory domain, enchanting aficionados with its exquisite jewelry line that beamed with uniqueness and daring spirit. LARUICCI, in its enigmatic essence, synthesizes the audacity of New York’s eclectic style with a palpable touch of Parisian elegance. 

The creative soul behind the brand, Lauren Ruicci, after basking in a decade of shimmering triumph, took a bold stride in 2019, broadening the horizons of her sartorial empire into the realms of Men’s and Women’s ready-to-wear collections. In this venture, she joined forces with the inimitably talented Cem Cinar, whose artistic visions were subsequently recognized through his appointment as the Creative Director of the collections.

In the shadowy corridors backstage, one could sense the pulsating heartbeat of an ethos that respects tradition yet boldly strides into the innovative future, as LARUICCI continues to sculpt its legacy, intertwining timeless elegance with the rebellious spirit of modernity.

With each subsequent collection, Lauren Ruicci and Cem Cinar do not simply curate garments; they weave tales of audacity, rebellion, and unabashed luxury, leaving the global fashion community perpetually poised on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the enthralling story that is LARUICCI.


Diane Pernet for ASVOF.