GARAGE MAGAZINE x LARUICCI: Immortalized in the Work of Mickalene Thomas

We adore our pieces being included in projects that are truly high-art. 

We're celebrating our feature in 'A First Look at Mickalene Thomas' Newest Fashion Photographs'. Not only do these captivating images serve as complete masterpieces, Thomas took the photos with the intention of potentially using them as future painting studies. 

Here is an excerpt from the article originally published on Garage Magazine:

"The monumental mixed media works of Mickalene Thomas suggest a long-standing relationship between the artist and the world of fashion—and as a person, Thomas herself is dripping with style. In her latest series of photographs, presented exclusively with GARAGE, Thomas takes things a step further. Featuring Thomas’ partner and muse Racquel Chevremont and artist and model Zachary Richardson, the pictures, which she says may serve as studies for future paintings, work within Thomas’ tradition of exploring the essence of identity and representation in popular media by way of classical composition and techniques. They suggest a new reckoning with fashion as a means of self-presentation and an affirmation of femme identity."

We can't wait to see the final paintings and it's truly an honor to be immortalized in the art of Mickalene Thomas.


June 05, 2018 — Lauren Ruicci

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