Laruicci Heirloom Pin Ups at Alexander McQueen-InStyle Magazine

Laruicci has been blinging up your lobes, digits and even your nose but we hadn't even thought of Laruicci locks; yet that's what the beauty editor, Kayleigh Donahue-Hodes, of Instyle has recommended in their August issue.

We love that Kayleigh has coined the style "Insta-age Miss. Havisham" with the intention of looking like a "slightly eccentric woman" who has basically picked up random objects off her dressing table and found a place for them all in her very casual up-do.

The idea is not to perfect the look but "pin it up without a precious thought" as Redken stylist, Guido was doing for Alexander McQueen's fall show and Kayleigh even recommends sleeping on it before adding your Laruicci to it in the morning!

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July 14, 2016 — Lauran Brannigan

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