Spring 2019 is here! Refresh your style with new LARUICCI!
On a crisp December morning by the poolside at the Alexander, we have the most beautiful Beige dripping in all the megawatt! Perusing the waters into the abyss, gallivanting on the white sand of the Floridian beach. Giving us her lioness fantasy with that wondrous mane. Shot of course by the infamous Marcus Cooper. Capturing everything from the galaxy on the horizon.
Upon the request of Joshua, the crew has a whole new adventure ahead. Starting with all the Galaxy Gold Chain around his neck to the Megawatt armbands all the way down to the speedo. We have just the right abs to hot tub ratio. From Palm tree to sand dune to Gold to Silver, we have an extravagant adventure ending in the desert with an exuberant crisp blue galaxy sky.
With party upon party, from poolside to beach, there’s nothing that can stop us from making the adventure continue. Scouting to location to adventurous endeavors the Lariucci Megawatt Crew is set to continue their adventure through the galaxy with more megawatt that follows.

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