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AUTRE: Where does your inspiration come from?

JAARA LANGE: Looking back, my art was born from a deep need to escape a world that was not safe for me. So, I created a world for myself accordingly. Even today, I am inspired by daydreams, science fiction, and fairy tales. I created my own world where I could exist, which was beautiful and dark at the same time. I think this deep experience still inspires me today.




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AUTRE: What drew you to Gigi as a muse?

LANGE: Gigi is a powerhouse and role model for me at the same time. I don't know anyone who enters the room with such presence — that fascinates me a lot. In her I see strength, beauty, and above all, resilience. We are all very grateful for what she does for the Berlin trans community and as sisters we support each other.


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AUTRE: Why is nature such a dominant subject in your photography practice?

LANGE: Nature has always fascinated me. It represents a place of refuge for me. Out in the green, I have always felt freer — nature is a space without condemnation or connotation. It forms a complete projection surface for me with its wealth of forms, surface structures, and change. It is the perfect stage for me. Today, I only need to embed my protagonists in nature as a stage, wait for the right light and the spectacle is complete. I find this fascinating every time anew, because it is also so simple.




August 11, 2022 — Victoria Velandia

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