Laruicci FW23

In this vivid scene from Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece "Dune," a Guild Navigator employs incredible powers to manipulate the fabric of the universe. The control room he passes through is a testament to the advanced technology of the distant future, with electrical shields protecting against dangerous gases and massive machines converting tons of spice gas into clouds of gas. But it is the Navigator's ability to navigate through time and space that is truly awe-inspiring.

As he emerges from a dark tunnel and swims through the orange gas, he reaches a miniature replica of the universe, where he emits bursts of light and sound to reshape reality itself. The bending of the universe into a U-shape, the submergence of Arrakis into the light, and the tearing of a hole in the fabric of reality are all breathtaking moments that showcase Herbert's imaginative world-building and the power of science fiction to transport readers to new and wondrous places.







March 09, 2023 — Victoria Velandia

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