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“Stressed, depressed, and all of them perfectly dressed, they’ve been trapped in New York for too long, and now they’re making their own rules. On their campaign of chaos and destruction, they’re willing to smash, steal and destroy and won’t let anyone get in their way. They’re tired, fed up and taking the law in their own hands, but there’s one law that reigns above all else: on these streets, style rules everything.”

Filmed and directed by Jamie Dolan and Boni Mata, Trapped in New York is the short film inspired by Laruicci’s Fall/Winter 2021 Collection.

The collection has drama, statement pieces, and chunky metallics; featured heavily in the film are the chains with padlocks and keys, a physical metaphor for the lockdown experience in New York and the theme of the short. Extra-large hoops and oversize rings are perfect for bringing glamour to any day or night look. Bold, bright, and Lauren Ruicci’s signature style that encapsulates nightclubs, parties, fashion shows, and a lifestyle lived to the fullest is again as clear in this collection as previous; it gives a hint of New York coming back to life.

There will also be an in-person premiere where the band featured in the short film, Slut Magic, will be performing. The premiere is on July 9th at Purgatory in Bushwick and is set to be a fun evening of music, band merchandise, and jewelry. The jewelry is an exciting part of the collection as it pairs with a new collaboration with Amazon, where there will be a shop showcasing the flamboyant jewelry of the collection shown in the Trapped in New York film. On the date of the premiere, the collection will be available to buy worldwide on

To view the film online, follow this link

Written and executive produced by Lauren Ruicci. Produced by Jamie Dolan.

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July 09, 2021 — Daniela Rincon

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