Laruicci Jewelry, founded by Lauren Ruicci,

What was your style like as a child versus your style now?

Looking back I was wearing a lot of big dresses over spandex pants in bright colors and prints. So not much has changed there. Remember Versace in the 90s, in my memory, I just think of that neon green print.

Do you ever design for your younger self, like what she might’ve loved or worn?

When we make jewelry we try to tap back into everything we ever wanted as dreamy little girls. Now, we try to think of the princess box when we design so we can try to stay in that headspace. No glitter unicorn crown is off the table now and the best part is that other people recognize the codes from our past too and they really respond to it.



Who do you envision wearing your jewelry when you’re creating it?

It’s mostly for myself dancing in Paris now. But I never hold back, because I’m designing jewelry for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and other stars that love exaggerated style.

How do you translate that into the pieces?

I try to find the best materials in the world to bring back and implement into my collection. The freedom of knowing that you’re designing for such creative people helps my process because they thrive off of unique pieces in cool, different shapes in sizes to represent themselves and their different projects in music media and fashion. 

When you were starting out designing, who did you look to to see “Ooo I’d love to do something like that!” 

I remember being really floored by print media when I was starting out. Extravagant editorials always inspired me. All the amazing editorials in glossy magazines tuned me into photographers like Tim Walker, and stylists like Patti Wilson. Along the way, legendary timeless stars like Josephine Baker and Beyonce fueled my desire to keep creating outrageous pieces.

What do you think the fashion industry needs most right now?

Community. In Laruicci Records Paris fuses music and free time into a shop that revolves around the Laruicci Universe. Presenting the newly launched Ready-to-wear collection, and famous jewelry collection in an atelier atmosphere for fittings in a welcoming format that feels like a party. The presentation comes from Parisian underground music production team The Underdogs, a music production company. The shop has musical guests and welcomes guests and clients from music, fashion, and nightlife and hosted by The Velvet Moon a café and full bar. All by appointment, invitation and referral for a safe and luxurious new experience. Launching soon, we can invite you to the opening.

You’ve designed for so many incredible artists. Who is your dream person to design for next?

Naomi Campbell.

photos / Jena Cumbo (@jenacumbo)

model / Chiyoko with STATE (@chiyokoofficial)

MUA / Becky Rothmaler using Makeup Forever & Wet N’ Wild (@beckyrothmaler)

hair / Anike Rabiu (@anikerabiu)

story /  Lane Moore (@hellolanemoore)

video music /  “Blue Hues” by Zach Surprenant


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