Numero art reveals new cover starring pop star Billie Eilish



The 17-year-old American, with 20 million followers, is already stirs up passions with her tenebrous electro music and her horrific imagery. For the fourth edition of Numéro art, she is photographed by digital artist Tim Richardson. Discover the contents of this exceptional Numéro art, available from April 29.




Billie Eilish shot by Tim Richardson. Créative direction : Amir Zia.

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Billie Eilish, art icon.


The 17-year-old californian prodigy has conquered the world with her tenebrous electro music and her horrific, hallucinatory imagery, and has inspired artists such as Tim Richardson who shot her for Numéro art. Billie Eilish’s songs have garnered her 285 million views on YouTube (for her hit Lovely with Khalid). Shot in iPhone style, the video for You Should See Me in a Crown (the one with the big live spiders) has notched up 80 million views.


The crystallization of a teenage icon is a fascinating phenomenon. At 14, Eilish had her first brush with success with her track Ocean Eyes. She could have become a precocious pop sensation à la Britney Spears, Justin Biba or Troye Sivan, but Eilish triggered something else. Fascinated by her, Stromae and his brother made the video for her trackHostage, and, for the release of her first album at the end of March, Takashi Murakami made a short film and a series of visuals. When we asked him to photograph her in Los Angeles, Tim Richardson came back with these incredible shots and video of her metamorphosing into a digital creature. Eilish is nothing if not inspiring.






July 18, 2022 — Victoria Velandia

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