LARUICCI X The Blonds, Behind the Scenes

A Glittering Success

The worlds of Pegasus and Megawatt collided with an explosion of sparkles for The Blonds 10th Anniversary at NYFW; it's safe to say that everyone involved, rode that fantastical (unicorn) buzz with them for days afterwards.

All the Blonds


That Hair, Those Headphones

The mythical vibes enthralled everyone involved, from backstage to the back row, to the point where we had to pinch ourselves to check if we were dreaming or to even see if we still existed among these 6 foot mythical creatures. The whole night was a dream come true and the Laruicci headphones were the perfect accessory to the Dolly Parton Gone Glam Rock wigs, that bounced around and filled the space backstage- that night, everyone was a Blond.

Dream Team

With the addition of bold neck cuffs and the Winged Divine Earrings, you could see how Laruicci and The Blonds had come together as the perfect collaboration, the lines between them blurred as one of the beautiful charcoal silk dresses was cheekily punctured with two horizontal "nipple" bars and their bejeweled cuffs became an extension of the wonderfully encrusted sweatshirts and silk corseted dresses.

Another World

As Lauren Ruicci breathed heavily to herself, "Are they even human?" it summed up the positively other worldly nature the models had taken on, with Louboutin's that would reach your neckline and the fog machine pervading the dressing area, it was nothing short of surreal. 

Apollo Gone Flash

The male models were not to be outdone either as they rocked silver laurel wreaths and over-sized armour like coats, they became futuristic Gods of the Greek with an injection of Flash Gordon, who was of course mashed up into the soundtrack.

 Photographs/ Maeghan Gale

September 13, 2016 — Lauran Brannigan

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