Everybody Wants a Taste of Laruicci
Laruicci’s new cosmic spring collection was inspired by Lauren Ruicci’s fantasy of a Roma Girl Gang of bikers that ride by night and follow the stars using ancient intuition and the constellations as their guide.
    As a girl who would love to put myself under the pseudonym of “Galaxy Girl” which I believe I am worthy of, not only due to my dazzling and ever growing collection of galaxy themed clothes but also due to the fact I have had a lifelong love affair with all things cosmic. Cosmic being the perfect way to describe the brand of Laruicci in general, as Lauren Ruicci’s flare for designing elaborate and outrageous jewelry knows no bounds.
    Each piece embodies the style of her conceptual tribe whilst cleverly drawing inspiration from that which guides them on their journey- the galaxies and the ancient civilizations that utilized and thrived on the same knowledge centuries before.
                              Aquarius Bracelet  $60                             

    LARUICCI AQUARIUS BRACELETCapricorn Bracelet   $100



     Being an Aquarian and big on astrology, my immediate response to the Aquarius Bracelet was, “This was made for me!” and, “Finally someone has made astrologically themed jewelry something I would want to wear!” Although now I’m almost wishing I was a Capricorn because this piece can only be described as severely badass.


    Cassiopeia Necklace $275


                                                                      Photo courtesy of  l’habiblioteque


    The Cassiopeia Necklace is a powerful piece most definitely made for the Roma Girl Gang leader. Any girl wearing this would rule the room of any party.


    The Aurora Necklace $245


    Another interesting aspect to this collection while being bold and empowering for women, is that many, if not the majority of pieces could easily be interpreted as unisex, such as the Aurora Necklace. The feel of the almost handcuff shaped band paired with the loosely connecting chain is naughty and restrictive.  It can easily be worn with a T-shirt and jeans but wouldn’t go amiss on a Torture Garden attendee.


    The Minerva Bracelet $125



    The Minerva Bracelet is punk jewelry which has snuck its way into the modern day women’s wardrobe, something that Laruicci seems to be doing effortlessly- introducing street styles into high end jewelry pieces.


    Cosmic Ray Earrings $100



    Laruicci knows how to name her pieces to get your imagination flowing. These earrings do in fact remind me of the golden beams shot from a ray gun in some other worldly adventure. They are elegant with an edge and could be worn with an evening gown just as easily as they can be imagined adorning the ears of one of Ruicci’s fantasy Roma Girl Gang members.


    Celestial Earrings $80


    These are clearly the staple piece for any rebel, hidden or exposed, male or female. These are at the top of my list for adding a touch of badness to any outfit, day or night.


                                                                                       Septum Rings- various prices

                                                                          LARUICCI ALCHEMY SEPTUM     LARUICCI BENEDIKT SEPTUM


                                                                      LARUICCI VESTA SEPTUM        LARUICCI COSMOS SEPTUM

    Another unusual aspect to the collection is the range of septum cuffs, usually an accessory for extreme bad girls, now anyone can be extremely bad when the urge hits them. They come in four styles Alchemy ($55), Benedikt ($80), Vesta ($80) and Cosmos ($80) and they are recommended for the septum, lip or ear.


    The Aurora Bracelet $80


    This bracelet embodies my very being- it combines the power of rainbow with edgy, gunmetal, cutout claws. Forget gold, this is what you'll find at the end of the rainbow! This piece seriously gets my heart rate going and I'm wondering who do I need to know and do favors for to get it?! Oh, hang on, I don't need to wonder at all because it comes with the most modest of price tags at $80!


    The Ash Claw Ring $60


    This immediately caught my eye with it's blue, metallic hue and geometric features. It's a futuristic tribal piece that I envision on a super badass girl from the 2200's except it's for me and I get to wear it now. 


    Rock Candy Delight Ring $88


    So aptly named and another favourite, simply because it's good enough to eat! It makes me wonder if a piece of jewelry could literally be as delicious as it looks so excuse me if you catch me sucking on it. 

    written by Lauran Brannigan











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