It turns out the megawatt jewelry is not the only treat for your eyes in the Laruicci showroom, where every day feels like a hot summer's Friday. This is what went down when stylist Ruben Jean and model Paul Lemaire dropped in ... 


Paul Lemiere playing guitar at LaruicciReuben Jean and Paul Lemiere going megawatt

Reuben Jean and Paul Lemiere gone megawattPaul Lemiere rocking Laruicci
I think you'll agree that these two delights are rocking the megawatt style, in true bad boy form. Check them out, in their Laruicci, on Instagram:
Paul Lemaire @paul.lemaire
Paul Lemiere
Ruben Jean @badboyrub
Reuben Jean
June 02, 2016 — Lauran Brannigan

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