ITHE ULTIMATE LARUICCI GILR DOES IT AGAIN--THIS TIME IN A FULL SET OF LARUICCI CLAWS AND POWER EARRINGS. She couldn't be any hotter--ask anyone who knows AND LOVES B-- Best Clothes, Best Moves, Best Song!! WE ARE ALL SO EXCITED--AND WE AGREE THE GOLDEN CHILD MAKES ALL WANT TO DANCE LIKE THAT AND LOOK LIKE THAT, AND ACT LIKE THAT, AND BOSS LIKE THAT! To think of everything and everyone involved in this video spins our heads around, and to imagine how far this video has reached blows us away too...Mostly because we love the message; LARUICCI MEGAWATT JEWELRY was made to inspire the confidence of a high-voltage-super-star in each of us, and it is clear that Beyonce is sending the same message to all of us---and i'm taking it personally. TY HUNTER IS A GENIUS!! TAKE LARUICCI AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH IT! You make me believe in the future, and beauty, and that Fashion is just 10 fingers adorned with the sharpest claws! 


May 19, 2011 — Lauren Ruicci



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