IT SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK QUEEN B! we have been so happy to see you gracing every cover lately--it gets so many of us so excited to see what you will be flaunting next. The July issue of W Magazine is perhaps the best i've seen. I love the experimental lighting and direction and clothes and accessories! WOW! I love how Beyonce is becoming the biggest cheer leader for girl power and running it! In honor of her new album Beyonce talks about her ever evolving persona and shows 7 images from her past hotness and how surprised and excited were we to be front and center of number 6! She says that "WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME"(2010) was fully paid for by herself, and a pet project using all of her own jewelry and clothes. Well We are just glad to be involved--and letting her keep that piece was the best thing we ever did. Glad its part of your personal collection B. You have no idea how exciting that is for Laruicci to be a part of your 2010 inspiration, and well we all know what happened next...Now its 2011 and she Runs The World...With claws.

Laruicci "WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME" Necklace $285

June 21, 2011 — Lauren Ruicci

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