WWD x LARUICCI: The Coed Movement

Some LARUICCI staples were included in WWD's coed issue. With the conversation around sexuality and gender fluidity at the forefront of social revolution, the coed landscape in fashion is more prominent than ever. 

This article excerpt explains how fashion is contributing to the social movement:

"Fashion is having a his-and-hers moment. With a phalanx of influential brands including Gucci, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Saint Laurent headlining the momentum to coed shows, men’s and women’s collections are becoming mirror reflections of one another.

Also driving the convergence is the streetwear trend gripping the industry, plus the open mind-set of younger generations coming of age in a socio-political climate where more and more open discussions are taking place around gender boundaries."

We love what this represents and we love WWD for featuring LARUICCI in this issue.

LARUICCI is genderless and empowers you to be whoever you want to be for a night or a lifetime. 


June 14, 2018 — Lauren Ruicci

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