Charlie James in Laruicci

Charlie James in Laruicci

Charlie James, fan favourite Laruicci Boy, is somewhere between psychotic and iconic in this shoot photographed by Marcus Cooper in New York City. Wearing Laruicci Body Harness and Jose Duran clothing.


Photography/ Marcus Cooper
Fashion/ Jose Duran
"We Own It" Laruicci in Schön! Magazine!

"We Own It" Laruicci in Schön! Magazine!

Model Mats is showing us how he owns Laruicci in this seductively noir shoot, some of which took place right here at Laruicci HQ!

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Photography / Marcus Cooper
Styling / Lisa Jarvis
Hair / Sasha Nesterchuck
MUA / Joel Vasquez
Model / Mats @ Fusion

Laruicci Fashion Ambassador, Claire Vanbeber

Laruicci Fashion Ambassador, Claire Vanbeber

We were in for a megawatt treat when our fashion ambassador, Claire Vanbeber, dropped by to try on her favourite pieces from the summer collection. Claire headed straight for the Larucci gold and firstly adorned her neck with a combination of choker and chain, deciding to go for a golden tribal look.

The Vanbeber Vogue

Our fashion ambassador showed us how to rock the audaciously sized birdcage earrings, entirely effortlessly of course.


She went ring bling heavy in the Atlas and Roma ring and continued, Cleopatra style, to get her claws out, namely with the Tiger, Ash, Triangle and Transformer Claw.


Claire loved the Egyptian girl tribe vibe and invoked her inner Cleopatra out on the Laruicci sun deck. We like to call it The Vanbeber Vogue!

Follow our megawatt fashion ambassador on Instagram! @clairevanbeber