LARUICCI Records Presents: SLUT MAGIC x LARUICCI UK Summer Fling tour!

LARUICCI Records Presents: SLUT MAGIC x LARUICCI UK Summer Fling tour!

LARUICCI Records Presents: SLUT MAGIC x LARUICCI UK Summer Fling tour!
May 24, 2018 — Lauren Ruicci

"Close Encounters of the Tenth Kind" LARUICCI in The Tenth Magazine!

Beautifully unnerving "Close Encounters of the Tenth Kind" in The Tenth Magazine, Volume 4, captures a cyber tribal vibe that we are all about right now, featuring Laruicci Body Harness, ringChokers and Luscious Necklace.

 Styled by Prentiss Anderson (@theonlyprentiss)
Photographed by Khary Septh (@_harvey_jackson)
"Tech for Tat" Laruicci in Tenth Magazine!

"Tech for Tat" Laruicci in Tenth Magazine!

Laruicci Temple and Shadow-Play Earrings were the obvious megawatt choice for the story "Tech for Tat" in The Tenth Magazine, The Technology Issue (Vol. 4).
Styled by Prentiss Anderson (@theonlyprentiss)
Photographed by Harvey Jackson (@_harvey_jackson)
"(Wo)man at Work" Laruicci in Glassbook Magazine!

"(Wo)man at Work" Laruicci in Glassbook Magazine!

Slicked up, chained up and working it with Laruicci Babylon Ring, Mischief Necklace, the Cosmic Ray and Rock and Rule Bracelet . (Wo)man at work is the feature of the online exclusive of Glassbook Magazine, February issue.
Styled by Saulu Santana (@itzsaulu)
Photographed by Taylor Horne (@taylorhornestudio)

"We Tried This Trend on Seven Different Body Types" Laruicci in Refinery 29!

Refinery 29 and their ruffle adventure with seven different body types feature Laruicci Panda Hoops and Bright Lights Earring because gigantic ruffles are simply not complete without gigantic earrings to boot. The story was featured in their December issue.
Styled by Helen Rendell (@helenrendell)
Photographed by Rockie Nolan (@rockienolan)
Laruicci on!

Laruicci on!

This celestial creature has been elevated to absolute goddess status with the help of the Aphrodite Earrings and Laruicci Ear Cuff, in the Spring issue of

Shop Aphrodite Earrings

Stylist:  Rachel Gilman (@rachelgilman_)
Photog: Andrew Yee (@andrewyeephoto)

"Wall Flower" Laruicci in Borealis Magazine!

A redefinition of the term "Wall Flower" might be required following this dreamy
shoot in the Spring issue 10 of Borealis Magazine featuring Laruicci rings galore and the Gilded Choker.
Styled by Tanya Tauthong-Kass (@tanyatauthongkass)
Photographed by Kristin Brynn

"Greenery" Laruicci in Fashion 360 Magazine!

Laruicci has been featured in this fresher than spring itself shoot by Fashion 360 Magazine, March issue and somehow she is not just pulling off but entirely rocking the green out of those lips.
Styled by Ik Edorisiagbon (@ikthestylist)
Photographed by Eric Hason (@ericdhason)
Laruicci and The Velvet Underground Collection SS17

Laruicci and The Velvet Underground Collection SS17

Laruicci has indulged us with an insight to the inspiration behind the new Spring Summer 17 Collection, the array of new and exciting materials/ features you will find in this collection that is The Velvet Underground, as well as bestsellers and the highlights of the new season upon us. She also tells us all the fresh new stockists worldwide which you can visit to check out some of these Megawatt treats.

Q: What inspired the SS17 Collection? 

Lou Reed, Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground inspired the Laruicci SS17 Collection. Exploring the path of twisted angels through the gritty New York City of 1965 nightlife, exploring the deepest darkest ability to love, and seeking the atomic bomb of all creative experiences, and thoughts that set your brain on fire. This collection explores the experience of standing at the crossroads accessible through the delicate mix of time, vibes, lights and music leading up to the sunrise, just before the hazy dawn when anything is possible. Trying to get as close as possible to that perfect moment.

 “Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.” - Allen Ginsberg

 “There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.” -Lou  Reed

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Q: What materials are used?

Lucite Hoops

Aurora Borealis Crystals

Geometric Stamped metal

High Polished Brass

Tubular arched metal

Exaggerated chain links

Unexpected clasps

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Q: What did you do new this season? 

This season Laruicci featured Lucite hoops and geometric custom stamped metal to introduce the Laruicci Geometric Garden in soft rose gold, silver, gunmetal, and gold. Geometric shapes that mimic the light play on your eyes in the nightlife weaves itself through the collection.

Featuring oversize hoop earrings reminiscent of Warhol’s factory girls, it-girl style and the queens of the night in the New York City streets. Metal chokers, and unisex cuffs in various colors, and endless options for paring in your own unique way are ever-present in the new Laruicci look.

Skinny personal bracelets with opulent details, pendants, and long necklaces are perfect for layering and sharing. Glimmering Aurora Borealis crystals cast an otherworldly color schemes over the collection, with crosses, and details as a nod to the shared experience that we are all living and the freedom that we are seeking.

Charms, accent shapes and metal spikes are details inspired by the perfect elements seen in the streets at night in New York City. Details borrowed from dark ominous buildings, bright, glowing buzzing neon lights, and every character it takes to make up this experience. These pieces can be worn stacked by boys and girls, and are meant to be shared at the best possible moment on the dance floor between friends. Wearing two or more at once make these pieces perfect for sharing.

Graduated shapes and geometric chains found in this seasons ground breaking earrings personify the character built in New York City, all different, mixed in unexpected ways shocking and uniquely dynamic and light.

This season Laruicci collaborated with the Blonds for their 10th anniversary and created a custom line of otherworldly head phones reminiscent of massive double hoop earrings, but cunningly connected to a headband to spare the wearer, without sacrificing the power of massive metal hoop earrings, tubular metal earrings inspired by the New York City skyline, and outer space neck cuffs make up the electricity of this collection.


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Winged Divine Earrings

Shop Winged Divine Earrings


Q: What signature pieces were carried over and how did you update them?

 After the wild success of the Laruicci Megawatt Panda Hoop via Vogue when the collection was being created we decided to bring back Lucite in the form of chokers, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings this season. Shop Perfect Day Earrings.



 Q: What are the 3 highlights of the SS17 collection brand?

Laruicci premiered the SS17 collection in Paris at Premiere Classe with rave reviews and a massive new following of worldwide buyers.

Laruicci Collaborated with The Blonds, featuring a collection of otherworldly silver pieces fit for a space queen, and perfect as the pinnacle of editorial fashion in New York City nights of the future.

Laruicci exclusively sold the new collection through a three day Pop up shop in Bloomingdales, Miami during Art Basel. The Laruicci X Bloomingdales collaboration marked the official beginning of last year's holiday season and explore the concept of the Laruicci Café Bazaar and all of the exotic pieces that can take you away to that special place.


 Q: Are there any new stores that picked up the SS17 collection?

Baycrews, Tokyo

Jules B, London

Rare Market, Korea

Swan Hotel, Monaco

Lemon Chic, New Mexico

Frock, Toronto

Yvette and Ray, Miami

Ncolor Inc, Naples

Fox’s, NYC

Beymans, Turkey

Koko & Palenki, Miami

Elite Stores, Spain

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Laruicci and Her Megawatt People

Laruicci and Her Megawatt People

Wanna be part of a Megawatt Tribe? Where the creatives, the dissidents and the oddballs lie? The spring collection is for the ones who don't belong, or who feel they at least belong to a time long gone, who wistfully indulge in day dreams about living just one sybaritic night with one of the myths, the legends that had their own decades defined by them. If you can't turn back time, the next best thing is to create your own legendary now, with perhaps a little wish that dreamers of the future will look back upon this now in wonderment, through the power of only a few polaroids depicting a rather sketchy, ensemble of disgruntled youths with Laruicci chains, padlocks and leather casually stacked upon them; whilst oozing the absolute sexiest of appeals.

This is what Laruicci's new collection is all about, inspired by the visionary Andy Warhol and his Factory People. Laruicci is not just creating jewelry of epic and editorial proportions, she is creating her own luminary status through her collaborations with other amazing designers and legends in the making such as The Blonds, Georgine and Token as well as cult status photographers such as Marcus Cooper. She has manifested her very own posse of Megawatt People. The evidence ensues and the new collection is available to shop now!

To join this tribe you must be a lost soul and veering towards the downright weird.

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 Photographs by Liger Prince

Looks shot for Laruicci on Polaroid film.

Written by Lauran Brannigan