LARUICCI in Cosmopolitan Magazine!

The unnerving union between high and low always makes an outrageous show and really the only backdrop to be considered for such beautifully gaudy couture is of course the supermarket, especially for those whose concern is ever being outdone.This fabulous story is featured in April's issue of Cosmopolitan Lithuania with (of course) the Hustler Earrings, Lucite Hoops, Primal Earrings and Intuition Necklace.
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Stylist: Newheart Ohanian (@newheartnyc)
Photographer: Eniko Szucs (@enikossz)

"Spring in Bloom" LARUICCI in inWeston Magazine!

Let the earrings guide you to being your most megawatt self! "Spring in Bloom" by inWeston Magazine has it all with the mythic Spirit Guide Earrings, the Hustler Earrings add the edge and the Flying Earrings provide the necessary touch of disco. This story is featured in their March issue.



Styled by Tuesdai Win 
Photographed by Keith Major (@keithmajor)