"Heidi Niemala" LARUICCI in Irk Magazine!

"Heidi Niemala" LARUICCI in Irk Magazine!

Trust that you'll never blend into the background as long as you have your Laruicci ring, cuff or earrings. This is the spring shoot for IRK Magazine.
Style by Cannon Media Group (@thecannonmediagroup)
Photographed by Heidi Niemala

LARUICCI Shines Brighter Than the City Lights, IRK Magazine

We are excited to share with you Stacy Seiler's raving review of the new Spring/ Summer collection and we particularly love her for describing it as 'defining the "underground edge" for the next generation of women warriors', a more than apt theme for the moment. Calling all the warriors, get nasty and armor up in Laruicci! The review is featured in the December issue of IRK Magazine.

Stacy Seiler (@mywestvillagelife)

LARUICCI in IRK Magazine!

You can't help but dance through the fire when you are adorned with the Laruicci Tiger Claw, as featured in the November issue of  IRK Magazine.
Styled by Cannon 
Photographed by Morgan Miller 
November 29, 2016 — Lauran Brannigan