LARUICCI X Georgina Invite You to Peer Through the Keyhole

LARUICCI X Georgina Invite You to Peer Through the Keyhole

Two powerful forces, both dreamed into being for the creatures of the night, came together for the style of this coming fall. Viewers were invited to peer through the keyhole as a voyeur into a world of hedonism belonging only to the stars. 

The universe must have fated them together as Georgine's inspiration couldn't be more in tune with Laruicci's megawatt jet-setter mentality, as she was quoted to say it came from "permanent hotel dwellers, those glamorous creatures who have called the most interesting properties home."  Each ensemble was given the name of a hotel which has been the residence of one of the greats such as Coco Chanel at the Ritz, Marilyn Monroe at the Roosevelt and Edie Sedgwick at the Hotel Chelsea.

The amalgamation of metallics, velvet, leather and lace were the perfect fit for Laruicci's Fall 17 collection, The Love Bizarre which takes heavy inspiration from the magical era of Prince and Shelia E.

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Le Souk Ring

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 Peering through the key hole at the Aurora Bracelet and the Reiko Bracelet

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This sultry cut-out velvet dress is at the top of our list for next season.

 Make up// Romero Jennings with M.A.C

Hair// Kevin Hughes

Sunglasses// Moscot

Nails// Patricia Yankee for Patricia Nail Lacquers