The beautiful force of all that is tropical becomes unstoppable with the addition of Laruicci Panda Hoops in the new MAC campaign.

"Super Deluxe" LARUICCI in Nylon Magazine!

Nylon Magazine's accessory story for May features the "Super Deluxe" Laruicci Twin Flame Earrings and Panda Hoops.



23-25 June 2017

Find the key to your heart necklace and unlock everything else you've fantasized about with Laruicci at Tranoi, Paris. 

"Debutante Woman" LARUICCI in XEX Magazine!

If this was how you looked for your debut upon a high ranking society then you'd be pretty pleased with yourself, with Lucite Hoops and Laruicci Earrings from the Blonds Collection you would be the icing on the cake itself. "Debutante Woman" is the story featured in this season's online exclusive of XEX Magazine
Photographed by Jason Setiawan (@setiawanjason)
Laruicci and The Velvet Underground Collection SS17

Laruicci and The Velvet Underground Collection SS17

Laruicci has indulged us with an insight to the inspiration behind the new Spring Summer 17 Collection, the array of new and exciting materials/ features you will find in this collection that is The Velvet Underground, as well as bestsellers and the highlights of the new season upon us. She also tells us all the fresh new stockists worldwide which you can visit to check out some of these Megawatt treats.

Q: What inspired the SS17 Collection? 

Lou Reed, Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground inspired the Laruicci SS17 Collection. Exploring the path of twisted angels through the gritty New York City of 1965 nightlife, exploring the deepest darkest ability to love, and seeking the atomic bomb of all creative experiences, and thoughts that set your brain on fire. This collection explores the experience of standing at the crossroads accessible through the delicate mix of time, vibes, lights and music leading up to the sunrise, just before the hazy dawn when anything is possible. Trying to get as close as possible to that perfect moment.

 “Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.” - Allen Ginsberg

 “There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.” -Lou  Reed

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Q: What materials are used?

Lucite Hoops

Aurora Borealis Crystals

Geometric Stamped metal

High Polished Brass

Tubular arched metal

Exaggerated chain links

Unexpected clasps

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Q: What did you do new this season? 

This season Laruicci featured Lucite hoops and geometric custom stamped metal to introduce the Laruicci Geometric Garden in soft rose gold, silver, gunmetal, and gold. Geometric shapes that mimic the light play on your eyes in the nightlife weaves itself through the collection.

Featuring oversize hoop earrings reminiscent of Warhol’s factory girls, it-girl style and the queens of the night in the New York City streets. Metal chokers, and unisex cuffs in various colors, and endless options for paring in your own unique way are ever-present in the new Laruicci look.

Skinny personal bracelets with opulent details, pendants, and long necklaces are perfect for layering and sharing. Glimmering Aurora Borealis crystals cast an otherworldly color schemes over the collection, with crosses, and details as a nod to the shared experience that we are all living and the freedom that we are seeking.

Charms, accent shapes and metal spikes are details inspired by the perfect elements seen in the streets at night in New York City. Details borrowed from dark ominous buildings, bright, glowing buzzing neon lights, and every character it takes to make up this experience. These pieces can be worn stacked by boys and girls, and are meant to be shared at the best possible moment on the dance floor between friends. Wearing two or more at once make these pieces perfect for sharing.

Graduated shapes and geometric chains found in this seasons ground breaking earrings personify the character built in New York City, all different, mixed in unexpected ways shocking and uniquely dynamic and light.

This season Laruicci collaborated with the Blonds for their 10th anniversary and created a custom line of otherworldly head phones reminiscent of massive double hoop earrings, but cunningly connected to a headband to spare the wearer, without sacrificing the power of massive metal hoop earrings, tubular metal earrings inspired by the New York City skyline, and outer space neck cuffs make up the electricity of this collection.


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Winged Divine Earrings

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Q: What signature pieces were carried over and how did you update them?

 After the wild success of the Laruicci Megawatt Panda Hoop via Vogue when the collection was being created we decided to bring back Lucite in the form of chokers, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings this season. Shop Perfect Day Earrings.



 Q: What are the 3 highlights of the SS17 collection brand?

Laruicci premiered the SS17 collection in Paris at Premiere Classe with rave reviews and a massive new following of worldwide buyers.

Laruicci Collaborated with The Blonds, featuring a collection of otherworldly silver pieces fit for a space queen, and perfect as the pinnacle of editorial fashion in New York City nights of the future.

Laruicci exclusively sold the new collection through a three day Pop up shop in Bloomingdales, Miami during Art Basel. The Laruicci X Bloomingdales collaboration marked the official beginning of last year's holiday season and explore the concept of the Laruicci Café Bazaar and all of the exotic pieces that can take you away to that special place.


 Q: Are there any new stores that picked up the SS17 collection?

Baycrews, Tokyo

Jules B, London

Rare Market, Korea

Swan Hotel, Monaco

Lemon Chic, New Mexico

Frock, Toronto

Yvette and Ray, Miami

Ncolor Inc, Naples

Fox’s, NYC

Beymans, Turkey

Koko & Palenki, Miami

Elite Stores, Spain

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"How to Wear Your Party Clothes All The Time" LARUICCI in Sweet!


Of course the answer is with some over-sized Laruicci Lucite Hoops! Who doesn't need a touch more sparkle in their lives, whether they would like to admit it or not?! 


"Chill Factor" LARUICCI in Teen Vogue!

This sparkling new update on the beloved Panda Hoop, combined with "model of the moment" Pooja Mor (@poojamor) is giving us the "Chill Factor"; which is the story featured in the December issue of Teen Vogue.
Styled by Elizabeth Fraser-Bell (@elizabethfraserbell)
Photographed by Scott Trindle (@scotttrindle)