Fall 2019 is here! Refresh your style with new LARUICCI!
"Yulu" LARUICCI in King Kong Magazine!

"Yulu" LARUICCI in King Kong Magazine!

King Kong Magazine have created their own tribe of rarities for their Yulu shoot and in doing so have created something truly and eccentrically exciting. Laruicci just had to be a part of it, Yulu and Megawatt people unite! Leaders of the pack are adorned in the Foxlore Bolo Necklace, Luscious Choker, Pin Necklace and the Laruicci Body Harness.
Styled by Anna Neretto (@annaneretto)
Photographed by Zac Stone (@zacstonephoto)

Avenue Illustrated

Hanging around ain't no drag when you step out the door looking like this! "Fashion Her" is the story in the spring issue of Avenue Illustrated Magazine (Spain) featuring Laruicci Earrings and Luscious Necklace.
Styled by Andre Jarrid (@andrejrose)
Photographed by Maku Lopez (@makulopez)
Model: Dominique Babineaux @ State Management