"Barbie Ferreira" LARUICCI in Glassbook Magazine!

"Barbie Ferreira" LARUICCI in Glassbook Magazine!

Barbie Ferreira (@barbienox) is just what the doctor ordered because, and I hope you don't mind when I speak for us all when I say that we are sick of seeing campaigns that are meant to celebrate the beauty in the differences between us all yet are still immaculately presented through the medium of Photoshop or just too carefully curated to feel all that real. Well here's a shoot that will encourage us all to think differently.
Barbie is an inspiration and we all want to see more models being unashamedly real because personally I don't see the point of it all without some authenticity in the mix. Given her name and what she represents, she should in fact be the next Barbie doll muse. What do you think of that world? This is the story featured in the Summer issue of Glassbook Magazine.

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Styled by Rachel Balzarini (@rachelbalzarini)

Photographed by Michael Donovan (@themichaeldonovan) 

"Lone Star" LARUICCI in Glassbook Magazine!

If you are looking to fulfill your own style prophecy then just look to the twinkling star in the sky that is Laruicci and let it be your guide. "Lone Star" is the story featured in this month's issue of Glassbook Magazine with Morning Glory Earrings.
Styled by Lauren Abbondola (@laurenabbondola)
Photographed by Sarah Brickey (@sarahh_bae)