LARUICCI in InStyle Magazine!

Laruicci is introduced into some "tricky pattern play" in this feature from InStyle Magazine this month. We're instructed to keep the colours low-key and make up the difference with "some fabulous jewelry", why thank you InStyle! And you can find the fabulous Morning Glory Earrings here.

Stylist/ @alipew
Photographer/ @emmanmontalvan
Makeup/ @lisetgarza
October 18, 2016 — Lauran Brannigan
Channeling Your Inner Cleopatra

Channeling Your Inner Cleopatra

If you have ever fancied channeling your own inner Cleopatra, that surely everybody has in there somewhere, check out Laruicci's Gilded Choker, which made it to the IT LIST of InStyle Magazine's September issue.

Photographed by Serena Becker

August 24, 2016 — Lauran Brannigan