"Power Play" LARUICCI in Heed Magazine!

"Power Play" LARUICCI in Heed Magazine!

Megawatt jewelry is more than able to provide the element of power and the play. Starz Power actress Naturi Naughton wears the Babylon Ring, Aquarius and Apollo Bracelet with the Sol Earrings to top her megawatt look off. This is the story featured in Heed Magazine, August 17 issue.
Styled by Latasha Henderson-Robinson (@vonraydesigns)
Photographed by Fiorella Occhipinti (@fiorella_occhipinti)

"Libra's Love Pom Poms!" LARUICCI in Refinery 29!

One of our favourite and dreamiest topics here in Laruicci Land has to be the science of astrology, yes I said science. This shoot celebrates two big Laruicci loves- horoscopes and pom poms. Find out how to style yourself in accordance with your own planetary alignments here.
Photographed by David Cortes
Makeup by Gloria Noto
Written by Phillip Picardi
"Barbie Ferreira" LARUICCI in Glassbook Magazine!

"Barbie Ferreira" LARUICCI in Glassbook Magazine!

Barbie Ferreira (@barbienox) is just what the doctor ordered because, and I hope you don't mind when I speak for us all when I say that we are sick of seeing campaigns that are meant to celebrate the beauty in the differences between us all yet are still immaculately presented through the medium of Photoshop or just too carefully curated to feel all that real. Well here's a shoot that will encourage us all to think differently.
Barbie is an inspiration and we all want to see more models being unashamedly real because personally I don't see the point of it all without some authenticity in the mix. Given her name and what she represents, she should in fact be the next Barbie doll muse. What do you think of that world? This is the story featured in the Summer issue of Glassbook Magazine.

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Styled by Rachel Balzarini (@rachelbalzarini)

Photographed by Michael Donovan (@themichaeldonovan) 

"Ayanat's Garden" LARUICCI in Spirit & Flesh Magazine!

"Ayanat's Garden" LARUICCI in Spirit & Flesh Magazine!

With patterns this bold you may be fooled into thinking no amount of jewelry is ever going to pop but Laruicci will prove you wrong with the shimmering Sol Earrings, the Cosmic Ray, Uma, Voluptas and Polaris Bracelet, topped off with the glorious Rays Ring.

Styling by Yelena Deyneko
Photography by Mike Ruiz

"Moor or Less" LARUICCI in Spirit & Flesh Magazine!

The answer a Laruicci girl is looking for is more, always more. "Moor or Less" is in the March issue of Spirit and Flesh Magazine and features Laruicci ring.

Photography and styling by Matt Licari

"The Prestige" LARUICCI in Spirit and Flesh Magazine!

Styling by Damien Vaughan Shippee (@damienvaughanshippee)

Photography by Roy Schweiger(@schweigeroy)




The beautiful force of all that is tropical becomes unstoppable with the addition of Laruicci Panda Hoops in the new MAC campaign.

"Magic Hour" LARUICCI in Spirit & Flesh Magazine!

The hour of lavish hoops is upon us and it's nothing short of magical. "Magic Hour" is the story for Spirit & Flesh Magazine, June which features the mesmerizing Guardian Earrings.
Stylist Lauren Abbondola (@laurenabbondola)
Photographed by Michael Kailas (@kailasmichael)

"Sin Control" LARUICCI in Solar Magazine!

As long as you control the other six then lusting after Laruicci can surely be forgiven? Just don't feel too proud when you're the most megawatt person in the room or you might be in trouble. "Sin Control" is the story in Solar Magazine, featuring the Sonic Temple Necklace


Styled by Liz Rundbaken (@iseelizrund)
Photographed by Cully Wright (@cullywrightphotography)
Olivia Cheng in LARUICCI, Spirit & Flesh Magazine!

Olivia Cheng in LARUICCI, Spirit & Flesh Magazine!

Actress Olivia Cheng (@theoliviacheng) is shining bright in Laruicci Rose Coloured Delight Ring, bracelet and earrings in the online exclusive of Spirit & Flesh Magazine, April.
Stylist Iya Aka Akesheva (@iyaakasheva)
Photographed by Alex Logaiski (@alexlogaiski)