"The Prestige" LARUICCI in Spirit and Flesh Magazine!

Styling by Damien Vaughan Shippee (@damienvaughanshippee)

Photography by Roy Schweiger(@schweigeroy)




The beautiful force of all that is tropical becomes unstoppable with the addition of Laruicci Panda Hoops in the new MAC campaign.

"Magic Hour" LARUICCI in Spirit & Flesh Magazine!

The hour of lavish hoops is upon us and it's nothing short of magical. "Magic Hour" is the story for Spirit & Flesh Magazine, June which features the mesmerizing Guardian Earrings.
Stylist Lauren Abbondola (@laurenabbondola)
Photographed by Michael Kailas (@kailasmichael)

"Wrapper's Delight" LARUICCI in Nylon Magazine!

All wrapped up and everywhere to go with this delightful explosion of metallics and holographics, it's enough to make you salivate with desire. "Wrapper's Delight" is the story in this month's issue of Nylon Magazine, featuring the Blitz Nose Cuff and Hustler Earrings.
Styled by Michael Kozak (@mxkoz)
Photographed by Alexander Saladrigas (@alexandersaladrigas)

"Rebel vs Beauty" LARUICCI in Zodiac Magazine!

Uniting the once opposing forces of Rebel vs Beauty in this month's issue of Zodiac Magazine, featuring layer upon dazzling layer of the Sunset Strip Bracelets and the Love Stack Ring.
Styled by  Alexander Garcia (@alexandergarciaofficial11)
Photographed by Lenox Fontaine (@lenoxfonaine)

Christine Evangelista in LARUICCI, Esquire Magazine Mexico!

Christine Evangelista struts her stuff in the Fox Collar and the Interlude Necklace in this month's issue of Esquire Magazine Mexico.
Styled by Marti Arcucci (@martiarcucci)
Photographed by Cesar Balcazar (@cesarbalcazar)

"Lone Star" LARUICCI in Glassbook Magazine!

If you are looking to fulfill your own style prophecy then just look to the twinkling star in the sky that is Laruicci and let it be your guide. "Lone Star" is the story featured in this month's issue of Glassbook Magazine with Morning Glory Earrings.
Styled by Lauren Abbondola (@laurenabbondola)
Photographed by Sarah Brickey (@sarahh_bae)

"What Laruicci Is Made Of" LARUICCI in L'Officiel Azerbaijan

Leather, chains and spikes, and all things twice the standard size are what Laruicci is made of. L’Officiel Azerbaijan gets it in this story featured in the April issue.
Styled by Elise Sandvik (@elise_sandvik)
Photographed by Lena Melnik (@lenamelnik)

"Urban Dreamer" LARUICCI in Halcyon Magazine!

While you're stuck in urbanity, dream a little dream of Laruicci with this epitome of a megawatt necklace. "Urban Dreamer" is featured in the March issue of Halcyon Magazine.


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Styled by Barbara Eisen (@stylegalbee)
Photographed by Georgia Kokolis (@gerogia_kokolis)



23-25 June 2017

Find the key to your heart necklace and unlock everything else you've fantasized about with Laruicci at Tranoi, Paris.