Fall 2019 is here! Refresh your style with new LARUICCI!
"Heidi Niemala" LARUICCI in Irk Magazine!

"Heidi Niemala" LARUICCI in Irk Magazine!

Trust that you'll never blend into the background as long as you have your Laruicci ring, cuff or earrings. This is the spring shoot for IRK Magazine.
Style by Cannon Media Group (@thecannonmediagroup)
Photographed by Heidi Niemala
"Time After Time" LARUICCI in Huf Magazine!

"Time After Time" LARUICCI in Huf Magazine!

If you're lost and you look you will find any girl when she's donned her Laruicci Headphones! This stunning shoot is in the February issue of Huf Magazine.
Styled by Julia Morris (@juliaamorris)
Photographed by Alex Black (@alexblackphoto)

"The New Rule" LARUICCI in Hunger Magazine!

It's time for a shake up in the ruling of the lands and where better to start than with their fashion statements, this look featuring Laruicci Earrings and Headphones is fit for the queen of a Utopian future and is the story in Hunger Magazine's Spring issue.
Styled by Yana Kamps (@yanakamps)
Photographed by Simon Burstall (@simon_burstall)

"A Week in Monaco" LARUICCI in Raine Magazine!

The Shield Ring captured oh so beautifully in this feature "A Week in Monaco" by Raine Magazine in their Inspirie. Create. Innovate issue.
Styled by Lisa Smith Craig (@lscstyling)
Photographed by Lindsay Adler (@lindsayadler_photo)

"The Jeweller" LARUICCI Creem

The bigger the best and more is more are two rules Laruicci strictly adheres to so it's good to see that Creem Magazine is catching on in their online exclusive March issue featuring over-sized Laruicci Bird Cage style earrings, custom septum ring and many upon many megawatt rings. 
Styled by Altorrin McIntrye (@altorrin)
Photographed by Studio 5800 (@studio5800)
"There's No F*cking Secret" LARUICCI in Adon Magazine!

"There's No F*cking Secret" LARUICCI in Adon Magazine!

Apparently there is no f*cking secret, ok? In fact what could have been legitimately secret is brazenly emblazoned across the pages of Adon Magazine in this story for their 25th issue featuring Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne ) looking like a naughty Dark Age unicorn in Laruicci rings.
Styled by Michael Kozak (@mxkoz)
Photographed by Greg Swales (@gregswalesart). 

"Close Encounters of the Tenth Kind" LARUICCI in The Tenth Magazine!

Beautifully unnerving "Close Encounters of the Tenth Kind" in The Tenth Magazine, Volume 4, captures a cyber tribal vibe that we are all about right now, featuring Laruicci Body Harness, ringChokers and Luscious Necklace.

 Styled by Prentiss Anderson (@theonlyprentiss)
Photographed by Khary Septh (@_harvey_jackson)
"Tech for Tat" Laruicci in Tenth Magazine!

"Tech for Tat" Laruicci in Tenth Magazine!

Laruicci Temple and Shadow-Play Earrings were the obvious megawatt choice for the story "Tech for Tat" in The Tenth Magazine, The Technology Issue (Vol. 4).
Styled by Prentiss Anderson (@theonlyprentiss)
Photographed by Harvey Jackson (@_harvey_jackson)
"(Wo)man at Work" Laruicci in Glassbook Magazine!

"(Wo)man at Work" Laruicci in Glassbook Magazine!

Slicked up, chained up and working it with Laruicci Babylon Ring, Mischief Necklace, the Cosmic Ray and Rock and Rule Bracelet . (Wo)man at work is the feature of the online exclusive of Glassbook Magazine, February issue.
Styled by Saulu Santana (@itzsaulu)
Photographed by Taylor Horne (@taylorhornestudio)

"We Tried This Trend on Seven Different Body Types" Laruicci in Refinery 29!

Refinery 29 and their ruffle adventure with seven different body types feature Laruicci Panda Hoops and Bright Lights Earring because gigantic ruffles are simply not complete without gigantic earrings to boot. The story was featured in their December issue.
Styled by Helen Rendell (@helenrendell)
Photographed by Rockie Nolan (@rockienolan)