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Vanessa Williams in LARUICCI Elléments Magazine!

Vanessa Williams in LARUICCI Elléments Magazine!

In the January issue of Elements Magazine, Vanessa A. Williams strikes a visual nerve with her bold beauty accentuated by the full and X-rated version of the Laruicci Lawan Necklace, this girl knows how to wear those mermaid lips! She strikes a pose in the Supernatural Necklace and Delight Ring.
 Styled by Marcus Blassingame
Photographed by Aderon Mothersill (@aderonmothersill)
LARUICCI in XioX Magazine!

LARUICCI in XioX Magazine!

Slicked, suave and looking so fine that all you'll need is one earring even if the other one did just happen to slip your mind. Xiox Magazine shows us how to do the one earring best in their Winter story, Brooklyn Girl featuring the Wilderness and Dynasty Earing.



How to Be a Celestial Fox

How to Be a Celestial Fox

The Celestial Fox collection has arrived like a bat outta hell or should I say a fox outta space?! The story is as mystical as the creations, it was designed around the fantasy of a girl whose alter ego happens to be a celestial fox who comes out at night to roam the streets of London. Like a fairy tale for adults it speaks of our metaphorical transformation into our more wild yet wily selves that tends to happen only after nightfall! 

Trickster Ring

The Trickster Ring is top of the what's hot list and if you're excited by it then wait 'til you see the spectacle of sparkling color choices soon to be available! If the idea of wearing colorful crystals typically makes you gag the this little piece of armor could just change your mind and turn you into a sparkly, celestial fox whilst doing so.

Luscious Choker

This metallic wonder is the Luscious Choker and it couldn't be more appealing to the senses with it's deliciously pink, metallic leather and gleaming gold hoop at it's epicentre. This is the perfect accessory for adding some edge to the sweet cotton candy pinks and blues that are on trend right now, it's especially good for adding a cheeky touch of rebellion to your work collar.

Chiave and Cult Status Earrings

If full rebel is more your style then the Chiave or Cult Status Earrings may just have been made with you in mind! Perfect for those admiring the Pin Earrings from afar but will not come any closer than that!

Vixen Necklace

If you're not really into looking on from afar then you may be the fox to fall straight into the Vixen Necklace and rock it sideways, without the need of a galactic catsuit and pseudonym but just your fine ass-kicking self! For full glam rock effect save it for those nights you get your second (rave) skin out.

Untamed Earrings

There has been much love for the Laruicci Bird Cage Earring and finally there is a plethora of this style to choose from, the Untamed being the wildest of the bunch.
Fret not! You will be forgiven if you get hysterical over Laruicci's take on the good old cross necklace.
The Sorcery Earrings, for when you want to conjure up some magic on the dance floor, their greatness lies in their large flashy disco circles whilst also being super lightweight, perfect for a flirty dance or ten!



Connection Ring


This ring will in fact keep you connected because you can happily (or grudgingly) share it with your boyfriend.

Spirit Guide Earrings

Who hasn't fantasized about forming their own tribe? These earrings are your first step towards tribal queen.



Lure Earrings

The Lure Earrings will light up your life with their large sun like domes and shiny ray of sunshine accent drops. They look glorious in both gold and silver.

Hustler Earrings

For those who hustle hard and need a spike of excitement in their life! The Hustler Earrings come in an exciting array of colour choices, the Rose Gold Cube with Teal and Fuschia Spike being my ultimate choice or is it the Blue Cube with Fuschia Spikes? Let's just say both.


Rose Gold Cube-Teal/ Fuschia Spike

Blue Cube- Fuschia Spike

Rose Gold- Green Spike

Gunmetal Cube- Navy Spike



LARUICCI X Georgina Invite You to Peer Through the Keyhole

LARUICCI X Georgina Invite You to Peer Through the Keyhole

Two powerful forces, both dreamed into being for the creatures of the night, came together for the style of this coming fall. Viewers were invited to peer through the keyhole as a voyeur into a world of hedonism belonging only to the stars. 

The universe must have fated them together as Georgine's inspiration couldn't be more in tune with Laruicci's megawatt jet-setter mentality, as she was quoted to say it came from "permanent hotel dwellers, those glamorous creatures who have called the most interesting properties home."  Each ensemble was given the name of a hotel which has been the residence of one of the greats such as Coco Chanel at the Ritz, Marilyn Monroe at the Roosevelt and Edie Sedgwick at the Hotel Chelsea.

The amalgamation of metallics, velvet, leather and lace were the perfect fit for Laruicci's Fall 17 collection, The Love Bizarre which takes heavy inspiration from the magical era of Prince and Shelia E.

Shop the Legendary Hearts Necklace/

Le Souk Ring

Shop Triangle Claw

 Peering through the key hole at the Aurora Bracelet and the Reiko Bracelet

Shop Apollo Bracelet and Polaris Bracelet

This sultry cut-out velvet dress is at the top of our list for next season.

 Make up// Romero Jennings with M.A.C

Hair// Kevin Hughes

Sunglasses// Moscot

Nails// Patricia Yankee for Patricia Nail Lacquers

Pokemon Go Get Your Nails Done, LARUICCI in Seventeen Magazine!

The entire Laruicci crew could not be more obsessed with this Pokemon Go inspired manicure featured in Seventeen Magazine with Laruicci Saturn Ring. The only gym you'll be heading to after perfecting this work of art will be the one you tap your phone to enter!


Written by Kate Foster

Photography/ Joshua Pestik

Prop Styling/ Allie Kircher


"How to Wear Your Party Clothes All The Time" LARUICCI in Sweet!


Of course the answer is with some over-sized Laruicci Lucite Hoops! Who doesn't need a touch more sparkle in their lives, whether they would like to admit it or not?! 


LARUICCI X Marcus Cooper: Kiss/ Marry/ Kill

LARUICCI X Marcus Cooper: Kiss/ Marry/ Kill

While unveiling the Laruicci X Marcus Cooper Polaroids we are celebrating love itself and all things Laruicci with as much glitter as possible. This is a chance to shop Laruicci and extend our love to those in need by raising some funds for the Sanctuary for Families, and as they so wisely put "In Love There is No Violence".

If you can't make it or would like to simply donate then you can go to our Crowdrise page.

Our fundraising will be blowing up with the following festivities while you sip and shop:

- Laruicci Prize Raffle

- Laruicci Polaroid Style Booth

-Glitter Station

-Glitter Drinks


7PM – 11PM


"Murmuration" LARUICCI in Collective Magazine!

This is the story from Collective Magazine, featuring a pair of gold and of course ultra bold pair of Laruicci earrings, the subject of many a murmuration.
Styled by Eryka Clayton (@erykaclayton)
Photographed by Michael Creagh (@michaelcreagh)
Model: Marina for IMG (@marinadnery)
February 01, 2017 — Lauran Brannigan

"The Emergents" LARUICCI in Paper Magazine!

We're excited to see the new Laruicci Cleaver Earrings featured in this Hipstomatic-retro-futuristic shoot by Emily Soto. "The Emergents" is the dreamy story featuring the newest faces in fashion, Meredith Mickelson and Bella Harris, as part of the online exclusive of Paper Magazine for December.
Styled by Andrew Gelwick (@andrewgelwicks)
Photographed by Emily Soto (@emilysoto)
Modeled by Meredith Mickelson and Bella Harris
"Kinetic" LARUICCI in XEX Magazine!

"Kinetic" LARUICCI in XEX Magazine!

This energetic shoot by XEX Magazine whispers of an ethereal come frenzied night time adventure and it's luring us in with it's glamorous, chromatic styling. It keeps it's edge with the space age Ground Control Earrings and other celestial wonders such as the Aurora, Diety and Divino Ring. "Kinetic" is the story in XEX Magazine's Spring issue.



Styled by Chad Groom and Llewellyn Jenkins for the Stylemonsters (@thestylemonster)

Photographed by Jose Espaillat (@josespiallat)