"New Genuary:  Hao Zeng" LARUICCI in i-D Magazine!

The story of "New Genuary: Hao Zeng" showcases the talent of Hao Zeng, one of the chosen photographers that I-D foresees as defining the art form in this upcoming year. This story features Laruicci earrings and is in the online exclusive for the January issue of:  i-D Magazine.
Styled by Connie Berg (@connie_berg)
Photographed by  Hao Zeng (@haozeng_com)
May 10, 2017 — Lauran Brannigan
"The Devil is in the Detail" LARUICCI in D'Scene Magazine!

"The Devil is in the Detail" LARUICCI in D'Scene Magazine!

The devilishly good details in this shoot by D’Scene Magazine include the Lakshmi Necklace, Studio HoopsMorning Glory Earrings and the wonderfully over-sized Pin Earrings. "The Devil is in the Detail" is the story featured in their May issue.



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Styled by Marti Arcucci (@martiarcucci)
Photographed by Arale Reartes (@aralereartesv)
"Summer Vibes" LARUICCI in D' Scene Magazine!

"Summer Vibes" LARUICCI in D' Scene Magazine!

Summer vibing with some megawatt styling, featuring the Mega 'Tude Headphones, Laruicci Delight Ring and an editorial spin on the Scene Earrings. "Summer Vibes" is the story in D’Scene Magazine's May issue.



Styled by Brendon Alexander (@brendnalexander)
Photographed by JD Barnes (@jdthecombo)

"11 Bold Looks to Weather any Storm" LARUICCI in Nylon Magazine!

No one cares what the weatherman says when you're armed with a glitzy umbrella and holographic rain gear. The perfect accessory for such hyper galactic outer-wear? The Hustler Earrings of course, they shimmer like slinky drops of chromatic acid-rain. This is part of the more than colourful feature in Nylon.com's online exclusive for April.
Stylist Shea Daspin (@shaedaspin)
Photographed by Kristiina Wilson (@kristiinawilson)

"Belleza: Viva La Realidad" LARUICCI in Vogue Mexico!

If you love Laruicci then you are already living the reality that is the world of Megawatt beauty "Belleza: Viva La Readidad" is the story in Vogue Mexico's April issue, featuring the Love Stack and Deity Ring.
Styled by Anya Ziourova (@anyaziourova)
Photographed by Christian Ferretti (@christian_ferretti)

"Spring in Bloom" LARUICCI in inWeston Magazine!

Let the earrings guide you to being your most megawatt self! "Spring in Bloom" by inWeston Magazine has it all with the mythic Spirit Guide Earrings, the Hustler Earrings add the edge and the Flying Earrings provide the necessary touch of disco. This story is featured in their March issue.



Styled by Tuesdai Win 
Photographed by Keith Major (@keithmajor)

"Model Moment" LARUICCI in Elle Canada

"Model Moment" is the story in Elle Canada which proves that striking cat eyes and scarlet lips are the ultimate backdrop to any and every megawatt piece. These eyes and those lips are featured in the April issue with Laruicci necklace and the Rose Gold Coral Ring Stack which means you get triple the excitement with a gunmetal and gold tone version!
Styled by Katherine Flemming (@kflemming)
Laruicci and Her Megawatt People

Laruicci and Her Megawatt People

Wanna be part of a Megawatt Tribe? Where the creatives, the dissidents and the oddballs lie? The spring collection is for the ones who don't belong, or who feel they at least belong to a time long gone, who wistfully indulge in day dreams about living just one sybaritic night with one of the myths, the legends that had their own decades defined by them. If you can't turn back time, the next best thing is to create your own legendary now, with perhaps a little wish that dreamers of the future will look back upon this now in wonderment, through the power of only a few polaroids depicting a rather sketchy, ensemble of disgruntled youths with Laruicci chains, padlocks and leather casually stacked upon them; whilst oozing the absolute sexiest of appeals.

This is what Laruicci's new collection is all about, inspired by the visionary Andy Warhol and his Factory People. Laruicci is not just creating jewelry of epic and editorial proportions, she is creating her own luminary status through her collaborations with other amazing designers and legends in the making such as The Blonds, Georgine and Token as well as cult status photographers such as Marcus Cooper. She has manifested her very own posse of Megawatt People. The evidence ensues and the new collection is available to shop now!

To join this tribe you must be a lost soul and veering towards the downright weird.

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 Photographs by Liger Prince

Looks shot for Laruicci on Polaroid film.

Written by Lauran Brannigan


Laverne Cox Flaunting Laruicci in Backstage Magazine!

The March issue of Backstage Magazine features actress Laverne Cox looking nothing short of magnificent whilst wearing Laruicci earrings including the Perfect Day Earrings from the upcoming fall collection.
Styled by Christina Pacelli 
Photographed by Matt Doyle 
Grimes ft. Janelle Monae- "Venus Fly" with Janelle flaunting Laruicci!

Grimes ft. Janelle Monae- "Venus Fly" with Janelle flaunting Laruicci!

The cyber goth style may have been single-handedly refined as well as redefined by Grimes herself thanks to her ferocious tenacity for making her deepest and often darkest fantasies come to life through her music videos. Her collaboration with Janelle Monae is a literal representation of what I'm sure is exactly the collage of images that were running through Grimes' mind over and over again until it was finally realised through "Venus Fly". Janelle also happens to be thoroughly rocking Laruicci earrings and rings throughout what can only be described as our favourite music video of the year yet!