LARUICCI in Phabrik Magazine

Ruffle up! The flounce of this beautiful Marc Bouwer top is the perfect embellishment to Laruicci's adornment, the incredible three piece flower ring. This is the feature in Phabrik Magazine.

February 22, 2017 — Lauran Brannigan

LARUICCI Shines Brighter Than the City Lights, IRK Magazine

We are excited to share with you Stacy Seiler's raving review of the new Spring/ Summer collection and we particularly love her for describing it as 'defining the "underground edge" for the next generation of women warriors', a more than apt theme for the moment. Calling all the warriors, get nasty and armor up in Laruicci! The review is featured in the December issue of IRK Magazine.

Stacy Seiler (@mywestvillagelife)

"Seriel Lover" LARUICCI in L'Officiel Azerbaijan!

Them eyes got us mesmerized! Showing off the Vesta Choker in all of their glory. "Seriel Lover" is the story featured in L’Officiel Azerbaijan, the January issue.
Styled by Lisa Smith Craig (@lscstyling)
Photographed by Mazen Abusrour (@mazenabusrour)

LARUICCI in Marie Claire Malaysia!

Celebrating and putting the fizz into 'frizz" for this shoot featuring Laruicci Aries Earrings, Bird Cage Earrings and Vixen Necklace in Marie Claire Malaysia, November.
Styled by Rafael Linares (@st.raffi)
Photographed by Oriana Layendecker (@orianamarie)

LARUICCI in Hunger Magazine!

Apparently it is only in divinity that opposites are reconciled but you can always reconcile them with Laruicci until you get there. Here we have "A Dreamy Fashion Story from NYC's Il Gemini Exploring Duality" which has to be said, is divinely styled and shot with Laruicci Bewitched Earrings. This is the story featured in Hunger Magazine's December issue.
Styled by  Christopher Quarterman (@christopherquarterman) P
Photographed by Djiun Wang (@djiun).
LARUICCI in Lady Gunn Magazine!

LARUICCI in Lady Gunn Magazine!

This shoot is in full bloom and flourishing across the pages of Lady Gunn Magazine in their November issue. This floral piece is adorned with Laruicci headpiece, neck cuff Shattered Earrings and Juniper Midi Ring.
Styled by Ope Majek (@opethestylist)
Photographed by Meg Urbani (@megurbani)
"Boardwalk Baby" LARUICCI in Lady Gunn Magazine!

"Boardwalk Baby" LARUICCI in Lady Gunn Magazine!

Laruicci is the obvious choice for when you want to be kissed by the "Boardwalk Baby" as featured in this fun and fantastic shoot by Lady Gunn Magazine, the online December issue. This shoot features the Lakshmi Necklace, Laruicci Handcuffs, the Infinite Source and Pin Earrings.
Styled by Andre Jarrid (@andrejrose)
Photographed by Maku Lopez (@makulopez).
"Holiday Rhapsody" LARUICCI in Resident Magazine!

"Holiday Rhapsody" LARUICCI in Resident Magazine!

This is the shoot featured in the December issue of Resident Magazine which is beautifully and aptly entitled "Holiday Rhapsody", as it carries with it a definite air of spontaneity and some seriously free flowing dresses. The poetic feeling is accentuated with the goddess worthy Lakshmi Necklace and the men keep it suave in the Babylon Ring.


Styled by Tanya Tauthong-Kass (@tanyatauthongkass)
Photographed by Andrew Werner (@andrewwerner)


LARUICCI in Mixte Magazine!

Mixte Magazine have delighted us with this cheeky nod to the nineties. This is the story featured in their December issue which I wish came with the title 'You Get a Lovely Lot of Ravers in a Bag', a title I imagine only Brits would get due to a certain 'crisp' packet reference but perfect all the same. It's styled with everybody's favourite, the Vicious Choker
Styled by Brylie Fowler
Photographed by Justin Borbely

LARUICCI X Baycrew's

Baycrew's, Tokyo have recently welcomed Laruicci as an addition to their store and we have to commend them on their beautiful blog post, written by Lumine Omiya, announcing the new arrivals! Here they've captured Laruicci in a new sherbet-tastic/ through the looking glass light.

We have to say that we really enjoyed the too-cute translations from Lumine's writing. She begins very sweetly by thanking everyone very much for taking the time to read her blog. She describes the brand as edgy, acclaimed by artists and stylists and states that 'no other presence and impact are attractive'. Google may not have got that quite right.



LAUREN RUICC手がけるエッジーでモードなジュエリーブランド LARUICCI。
Below the safety pin earrings are captured in a wonderland manner, as though we were peering down the rabbit hole and wondering which one we were supposed to eat when. Delicious.


First, here.
Item with safety pin motif.
Although it is small, it is recommended to become a casual accent.

Continue here. Hoop earrings swinging at the ear
It is a delicate making, but directs a feminine impression.

We also have chain series.

Shake silhouettes and heavy chains also have presence

It's cute!






Continue here.

The atmosphere changed shimmer and I made the game play

I have also arrived at the design with impact!






How was it?
Everything is designable and simple
It also adds casual presence to styling
We are an accessory!
In addition to this introduction, spring items are also arriving at the shop front.
I hope you enjoy your coming season
Please come and find your favorite items by all means.


All the staff are waiting from the visit of everyone's visit.





Shop Laruicci at Baycrew's or be sure to drop by on your next Tokyo trip! At least that is what we are dreaming of for 2017 here at Laruicci.





January 10, 2017 — Lauran Brannigan