LARUICCI X Baycrew's

Baycrew's, Tokyo have recently welcomed Laruicci as an addition to their store and we have to commend them on their beautiful blog post, written by Lumine Omiya, announcing the new arrivals! Here they've captured Laruicci in a new sherbet-tastic/ through the looking glass light.

We have to say that we really enjoyed the too-cute translations from Lumine's writing. She begins very sweetly by thanking everyone very much for taking the time to read her blog. She describes the brand as edgy, acclaimed by artists and stylists and states that 'no other presence and impact are attractive'. Google may not have got that quite right.



LAUREN RUICC手がけるエッジーでモードなジュエリーブランド LARUICCI。
Below the safety pin earrings are captured in a wonderland manner, as though we were peering down the rabbit hole and wondering which one we were supposed to eat when. Delicious.


First, here.
Item with safety pin motif.
Although it is small, it is recommended to become a casual accent.

Continue here. Hoop earrings swinging at the ear
It is a delicate making, but directs a feminine impression.

We also have chain series.

Shake silhouettes and heavy chains also have presence

It's cute!






Continue here.

The atmosphere changed shimmer and I made the game play

I have also arrived at the design with impact!






How was it?
Everything is designable and simple
It also adds casual presence to styling
We are an accessory!
In addition to this introduction, spring items are also arriving at the shop front.
I hope you enjoy your coming season
Please come and find your favorite items by all means.


All the staff are waiting from the visit of everyone's visit.





Shop Laruicci at Baycrew's or be sure to drop by on your next Tokyo trip! At least that is what we are dreaming of for 2017 here at Laruicci.





January 10, 2017 — Lauran Brannigan
"Want to Break Free" LARUICCI in L'Officiel Singapore!

"Want to Break Free" LARUICCI in L'Officiel Singapore!

"Want to Break Free" is the story but you'll be begging to be chained up in Laruicci when you see the gems featured in L’Officiel Singapore, Dec/ Jan issue. 

Shop Delight Ring

Shop for your inner Shiva

Handcuffs by special request

Maeghan Gale


Styled by Nikko Kefalas (@nikkokefalas) 

Photographed by Kourosh Sottodeh (@kouroshsotoodeh).

"Stay Out Late" LARUICCI in Spirit and Flesh Magazine!

This shoot, possibly, is too much fun, even the Laruicci crew can barely handle it! We want to stay out late and see where this Laruicci Girl takes us! "Stay Out Late" is the story in the December Online Exclusive for Spirit & Flesh Magazine. The story features the Aurora, Diety and Lovers Ring and a cheeky flash of the Taxico Bracelet.
Styled by Janelle Reid
Photographed by John Ellis (@john___Ellis)

"Tales of Autumn" LARUICCI in Spirit and Flesh Magazine!

Telling "Tales of Autumn" and sharing some cunning pieces of jewelry in the online exclusive issue of Spirit & Flesh Magazine's for December, featuring double Aquarius Bracelet vision.
Photographer/ Iya Aka Akesheva 
Stylist/ Nika Belayeva 
"Zara Larsson: Aint my Fault" LARUICCI in FV Magazine!

"Zara Larsson: Aint my Fault" LARUICCI in FV Magazine!

We couldn't think of a more megawatt babe to do the Laruicci style some serious justice! "Zara Larson: Ain't My Fault" is the story of this Winter's issue of FV Magazine. The Laruicci boys wear Laruicci chains and Zara wears Laruicci Triangle Claw Ring and Playa Bracelet worn as a choker.
Styled by Sandra Benbaruk (@sandrabenbaruk)
Photographed by Dennis Leupold (@dennisleupold).

The 5 Best Pieces of Jewelry on Billboard’s Women in Music Red Carpet

Not only did Andra Day rock Laruicci earrings at the Billboard's Women in Music Red Carpet but said earrings were then also featured as one of their 5 Best Pieces of Jewelry, in their online exclusive of Billboard Magazine!


Styled by Wouri Vice 
Written by Braundie Blais-Billie 

Daya in Laruicci!

Singer Daya appeared at the Billboard Women in Music, looking dapper and flaunting her Laruicci ring to complete the look.

"The Visitors" LARUICCI in Dansk Magazine!

They've arrived and they're in Laruicci! " The Visitors" is the story of the November online exclusive issue of Dansk Magazine, featuring the Laruicci classic Bird Cage Earrings.
Styled by Elise Sandvik  
Photographed by Keiiciro Nakajima 

"Amor Boho" LARUICCI in Marie Claire

Marie Claire Mexico proves that boho love is best, is there anyone who doesn't want to jump into these pictures and share the Laruicci love?! Featuring the fabulous Stratosphere Necklace, Inca Neck Cuff and Mai Tai Earrings.


Styled by Andre Jarrid (@andrejrose)

Photographed by Maku Lopez (@makulopez)

LARUICCI in Elle Bulgaria!

Some megawatt chic featured in the November issue of Elle Bulgaria Magazine, with Laruicci earrings, ring and the iridescent Delight Bracelet.
Styled and photographed by Eniko Szucs (@enikoszucs)
Model: Nadine Leopold